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Mouse in the house brand ethos

 We believe that the children shouldn’t be restricted by their gender when it comes
to what they choose to wear. We promote gender neutral clothing that either boys
and girls can wear
 Letting children choose what they wear simply make a of sense. Children after all
thrive on being independent and this is the part of their character that’s worth
cultivating early on
 clothing is a form of self-expression – there are hints about who you are in what
you wear.” This is true for your kids as well! Let your children pick out their
clothing, even if it looks silly, to encourage their self-expression. This will help
them feel confident and unique wherever they go. 
 We built our brand around the idea of creating comfy, well-made garments for kids
that allow them to be creative in the way they dress and we believe that we've
 Mouse in the house my children have a hand in product development and we test
out all the styles. "If the child can spend a summer day and night without getting
harrowed then it gets the approval. If he cannot fly with them then its off the
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