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About Us

Brand Story

Mousey Wousey! 

Born for the mousekins that are nesting in your cave, we are the infamouse - Mouse In The House.

A handcrafted kids wear store full of designs, inspired by stories. If your mousekin is a true born explorer, bright eyed dreamer or simply a cheese nibbler, we’ve got your back. Every mousekin in the house has their own set of shenanigans and as parents, we’re constantly on the hamster wheel, looking for cool and functional ways to capture their spirit. 

So, your hunt ends here if you’re looking for something different, crafted to capture the magic of childhood in instaperfect clothes, made from quality fabric, heteronomouse designs and downright comfortable. 

Our premium, natural fabrics are kind to delicate skin and the planet. Our complete range of nightwears, shirts,dresses and other accessories are inspired to give your brats the dreamland childhood they deserve.

Mother’s Recipe 

It was summer time and I would see my girls(7 yrs and 4 yrs) living with a secret ingredient of simplicity . They would wake up to bright orangey sunlight streaming into the house and spend their days scampering through the rooms playing cat and mouse, where the small character is always outwitting the larger one, they would run around in madness. They just liked to be spontaneous. Sometimes they spend the whole day making up their own games, never to be played. The fun was is in the process.

They would just be themselves. Sometimes I would guide them in play, but then let them explore their own creativity. It was a perfect daydream come true. Nowhere to go just watch the kids use their imagination

The pantry was the best place in the house. They would spend their days sleeping and nights gorging on a plentiful supply of delicacies. They were the plumpest, slumbered in the pantry and nibbling into those mangoes

When the cat's away, the mice will play. It was no sooner then I was gone that the thought of being alone so charmed them, impatient to use their liberty they were always set for some adventure     

Hubby and I would put the kids to bed, with happy exhausted smiles. A promise that when people change and make you feel small, we will always tuck you into our pockets and feed you cheese

When they went through their day scampering, hiding, slumbering Fitting in perfect clothing for a perfect summer day was just the most important thing. They only role I had to play was to make summertime clothing soft and breathable.

Mouse In The House Brand Ethos

  • We believe that the children shouldn’t be restricted by their gender when it comes to what they choose to wear. We promote gender neutral clothing that either boys and girls can wear.
  • Letting children choose what they wear simply make a lot of sense. Children after all thrive on being independent and this is the part of their character that’s worth cultivating early on.
  • Clothing is a form of self-expression – there are hints about who you are in what you wear.” This is true for your kids as well! Let your children pick out their clothing, even if it looks silly, to encourage their self-expression. This will help them feel confident and unique wherever they go.
  • We built our brand around the idea of creating comfy, well-made garments for kids that allow them to be creative in the way they dress and we believe that we've succeeded .
  • Mouse In The House, my children have a hand in product development and we test out all the styles. "If the child can spend a summer day and night without getting harrowed then it gets the approval. If he cannot fly with them then it’s off the production.



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